Set the scene for your table this summer with one of our Rejoice Table Runners. Whether it’s an average dinner with friends or a special occasion with lots of detail, we definitely have a piece of art for your entertaining inspiration!

With the Festive Season coming closer, prepare this year ahead and spoil yourself with a Scripture Inspired Table Runner. This also makes a lovely gift for a special friend or relative, blessing them with something they can use for a very long time.

Our table runners are made of PVC which is waterproof, ice cream proof and sticky finger proof (for those not so prepare events around the dinner table). Just wipe it off with a wet cloth and there you go. They can also be used indoors and outdoors, making them very versatile.

Don’t just leave them in the drawer for a special occasion, display them for everyday use and adding prettiness to your environment. Rejoice is a way of living.

I’m sharing one of my table settings with you as inspiration and also to add a few Table Decoration Tips.


This is always the starting point for me. As soon as I know the colour or the theme of my event, I can start planning the rest. Without this starting point, I feel quite lost. In this particular sample I’m sharing with you today, my theme was LIFE. Water and watercolour was an obvious and trendy choice for me, and thus I planned the rest of my table around this theme adding a colour pallet of blues and greens. With our rejoice runners, there are various colour schemes and combinations to choose from, making it easier for you to do the rest of your table setting, as this creates the focus point of your table.



The first thing we as ladies would like to do, is to add aaaaalll our ideas to ONE table or one event. That’s why I thought of adding this point earlier than later. Choose wisely which décor items you would like to use. Keep it simple. Don’t over clutter, unless it is the look and feel that you are going for. Remember, your table still needs room to breathe! Like with a good design, breathing space is most important. Too much can easily spoil the overall prettiness of your table.



As soon as you have decided on a theme or colour scheme, add complimentary items. Items that would not overrule your table runner, but rather compliment it.

In my case, because the table was raw wood, I wanted to enhance that by adding more wood. Plain wooden under plates did not draw away the attention from my other items. Also it brought dimension to my complete look. It actually made a wonderful backdrop for the plates and serviettes I had in mind.

Secondly, I added glass as my centre pieces (used off centre, wink wink), in various shades of blues and greens. Without spoiling my runner, which I wanted to keep as the focus point of my table. The glass reflected the design and complimented the colour scheme. I did not want to lose the pretty colours of the vases by adding too much flowers, so I used one dry branch (which I sprayed rose gold) and one lovely soft blue hydrangea from my garden. Also saving me a lot of money! (bonus). This also gave me budget to add a personalised succulent to each guest seating as a thank you gift, adding greenness and life to my table. I’ve done this very simple with tiny glassed, adding my succulent (without soil) and ending it off with another rejoice sticker, complementing the theme.


Thirdly, because my under plate was plain, I wanted to add detail with vintage plates & detailed serviettes. I like stacking (as you can see), so I added all the plates on top of each other, for starters, main and desert. And (believe it or not) there was still enough room for my serviettes. Yay! I wanted to keep them in one fixed place because of their detail and what they added to the aesthetics of my table and did so by adding a Rejoice Sticker. It now could not move and spoil my whole chain of thoughts! And to make double sure (haha), I added the class and small thank you gift on top of the serviette! To bring contrast, I added rose gold cutlery, which was perfect to compliment the idea I had in mind for each person’s seating area.

For this specific occasion we needed two classes per person, so instead of adding them both to the top of the plate, I added one as mentioned above ON the wooden under plate, and the other very close, but OFF the under plate. Still close enough to form part of the setting.



If at the end of your table setting, something is out of place or just does not sit right with you, rather remove it! This is something I have learned in all my years of decorating tables. Just because I thought it would look nice, does not necessarily mean it actually looks nice. In that case, I rather remove it, until I feel one hundred percent happy with what I see and feel when I look at my final table setting.

Hope this was of great inspiration to you!

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